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Unhappy Tummy Tuck results....

1 February at 19:26

Hi I'm new to all this, but feel I need to hear from others who may be having the same experience as me.
i am 3 months post op, and I am so so unhappy with my results. 
i have dog ears, and I don't just mean small tags I mean HUGE dog ears!  I also have a step above my scar and I am not flat at all which is what I was expecting.  I do wonder if maybe I have a Seroma but I am unsure on how you this.  I have seen my surgeon and he will not do anything until 12 months has passed. I feel so depressed it all....

23 February at 17:43

have u had this surgery? 
Are u experiencing the same? 

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24 February at 18:57

did she manage to have it sorted out? 
Where did she have her surgery? 

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